Our Story

Coffee Lab Story

Coffee Lab was founded in 2011 with an aim to optimize the production of high-quality specialty coffee and apply the 3rd wave coffee concept to everyday life. We follow DIRECT TRADE principles with absolute consistency. We work directly with selected and dedicated producers in all countries with tradition in coffee. We offer better prices that improve the lives of farmers and ensure the SUSTAINABILITY of the coffee production chain.

Our focus on specialty coffee gives us the opportunity to offer higher prices up to 30% which increases the income of farmers, which in turn offers them a better quality of life.

At the same time, we have the ability of FULL TRACEABILITY, so we know all the characteristics of each coffee bean that reaches our hands. The processing and roasting process of coffee in our own facilities is done through procedures tailored to the specific features of each coffee variety. And finally, we have absolute control of the overall quality of the coffee that we supply to our stores in Greece and abroad.

Our Heritage


Coffee Lab was found in Chalkida, GR.


Coffee Lab Opens 4 Stores


Coffee Lab Opens 15 Stores


Coffee Lab Opens 42 Stores


Coffee Lab signs agreement for expanding in Gulf Region, China and Hong-Kong


01Our Sources

Good prices to coffee producers. Our company has direct and close cooperation with the growers, implementing a series of programs in the direction of COFFEE LAB FARMS. We provide them with stability, scheduling, know-how and means of production, helping producers to improve the quality of coffee.

02The Inspirer

Stelios Roumeliotis has been in the coffee business for more than 20 years.He has been awarded the first prize twice in the Greek Barista Championship 2008-2009, and ranked 20th among contestants from 48 countries in the Ξ’arista WBC Copenhagen 2008, and 15th among contestants from 52 countries in Atlanta, 2009.

03The Explorer

Stelios travels with his team worldwide (Direct Trade), searching the best variety of coffee. Together, they perform several tests and the production is bound to specific farms. Coffee Lab sets the direct agreement with the farmer as a priority, acting under the authority of Fair Trade. Consequently, customers of Coffee Lab enjoy excellent coffee with origin name.